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SubjectRe: klibc (was: 2.6.18 -mm merge plans)
Followup to:  <>
By author: Nigel Cunningham <>
In newsgroup:
> Hi.
> Sorry for coming in late. I've only just resubscribed after my move.
> Not sure who originally said this...
> > > > problems it entails.) The initial code to have removed
> > > > is the root-mounting code, with all the various ugly
> > > > mutations of that (ramdisk loading, NFS root, initrd...)
> Could I get more explanation of what this means and its implications? I'm
> thinking in particular about the implications for suspending to disk. Will it
> imply that everyone will _have_ to have an initramfs with some userspace
> program that sets up device nodes and so on, even if at the moment all you
> have is root=/dev/hda1 resume2=swap:/dev/hda2?

Yes. That initramfs is embedded in the kernel image.

> Along similar lines, I had been considering eventually including support for
> putting an image in place of the initrd (for embedded).

You can still override the default buildin initramfs. Then you get
the benefit of not carrying a bunch of code with you that can never be


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