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SubjectRe: Interrupts disabled for too long in printk
On 6/7/06, Mathieu Desnoyers <> wrote:
> * Jon Smirl ( wrote:
> > You can look at this problem from the other direction too. Why is it
> > taking 15ms to get between the two points? If IRQs are off how is the
> > serial driver getting interrupts to be able to display the message? It
> > is probably worthwhile to take a look and see what the serial console
> > driver is doing.
> Hi John,
> The serial port is configured at 38000 bauds. It can therefore transmit 4800
> bytes per seconds, for 72 characters in 15 ms. So the console driver would be
> simply busy sending characters to the serial port during that interrupt
> disabling period.

Why can't the serial console driver record the message in a buffer at
the point where it is being called with interrupts off, and then let
the serial port slowly print it via interupts? It sounds to me like
the serial port is being driven in polling mode.

> Mathieu
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Jon Smirl
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