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SubjectAMD64: 64 bit kernel 32 bit userland - some pending questions
Hello everyone,
I would like to use an AMD64 Opteron System with a 64 bit Linux Kernel,
but a 32 bit userland (Debian Sarge). I have a few questions about this:

- Is it possible to give the userland 3Gbyte virtual address
space (default for 2.4 and 2.6). But give the Kernel a 64 bit
virtual address space so that I get more than 1 Gbyte physical
Memory into LOWMEM - say I want 8 Gbyte - without using HIGHMEM
at all? If this scenario is possible I would get cheap memory
access at the benefit of a well tested userland. I don't have
applications that need more than 2 Gbyte virtual address

- What is the easiest way to build a 64 bit kernel on a 32 bit
Debian sarge. Are there crosscompiler packages available? Are
there any guides on this?

- If the above scenario works out like I imagine it, does this
add some additional overhead I am not aware of when I switch
for example from 32 bit userland to 64 bit kernel space which
would override the performance gain I get from the huge LOWMEM
virtuall address space?

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