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    SubjectRe: 2.6.17-rc5-mm3: bad unlock ordering (reiser4?)

    * Alexander Zarochentsev <> wrote:

    > I think the txnh lock and the tmgr lock are _non_nested. [...]

    ok - that's what the two changes i did do.

    > [...] And, there is a place where two atom locks are taken in
    > deadlock-free order w/o always keeping correct order of unlocking.
    > The latest thing can be made lock-validator-friendly.

    could you send a patch for that? When there is single-depth nesting of
    two atom-locks then the annotation is easy, instead of:


    you should do:

    spin_lock_nested(&atom->alock, SINGLE_DEPTH_NESTING)

    for the unordered unlocks, just change the one that is non-nested to
    spin_unlock_non_nested(). (the second lock can stay spin_unlock() - that
    will be in order again)

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