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Subjectkbuild, kconfig and hrdinstall stuff
> git-hdrcleanup.patch
> git-hdrinstall.patch
> This is Dave Woodhouse's work cleaning up the kernel headers and adding a
> `make headerinstall' target which automates the exporting of kernel
> headers as a userspace-usable package.
> All I can say about this is that it doesn't appear to break anything and
> is ready to merge from that point of view. It's not an area in which I
> have much interest or knowledge.

Dave Woodhouse asked me to review the hdrinstall part and I will do so.
At first glance only a fiw tid-bits needs fixing and then I like to
include unifdef in the kernel. It is rather unusual to have installed
(gentoo at least does not have it in Portage).

I just lacks a bit of time. Work and my newcomer (2 months old now)
takes a bit of time at the moment.

I you do not beat me hdrinstall will be part of kbuild-tree soon,
whereas the hrdcleanup part will not.

Following will be in kbuild-tree soon too.
> add-dependency-on-kernelrelease-to-the-package-targets.patch
> kconfig-improve-config-load-save-output.patch
> kconfig-fix-config-dependencies.patch
> kconfig-remove-symbol_yesmodno.patch
> kconfig-allow-multiple-default-values-per-symbol.patch
> kconfig-allow-loading-multiple-configurations.patch
> kconfig-integrate-split-config-into-silentoldconfig.patch
> kconfig-integrate-split-config-into-silentoldconfig-fix.patch
> kconfig-move-kernelrelease.patch
> kconfig-add-symbol-option-config-syntax.patch
> kconfig-add-defconfig_list-module-option.patch
> kconfig-add-search-option-for-xconfig.patch
> kconfig-finer-customization-via-popup-menus.patch
> kconfig-create-links-in-info-window.patch
> kconfig-jump-to-linked-menu-prompt.patch
> kconfig-warn-about-leading-whitespace-for-menu-prompts.patch
> kconfig-remove-leading-whitespace-in-menu-prompts.patch
> config-exit-if-no-beginning-filename.patch
> make-kernelrelease-speedup.patch
> kconfig-kconfig_overwriteconfig.patch
Not this one >>> sane-menuconfig-colours.patch
Randy Dunlap has a patch so it is configurable - but I like it
selectable in menuconfig - something I have not yet done.

> kbuild-export-type-enhancement-to-modpostc.patch
> kbuild-export-type-enhancement-to-modpostc-fix.patch
> kbuild-prevent-building-modules-that-wont-load.patch
> kbuild-export-symbol-usage-report-generator.patch
> kbuild-obj-dirs-is-calculated-incorrectly-if-hostprogs-y-is-defined.patch
> fix-make-rpm-for-powerpc.patch
If review is good => kbuild-tree.

> powerpc-kbuild-warning-fix.patch
I need to check up on this.

> kernel-doc-drop-leading-space-in-sections.patch
> kernel-doc-script-cleanups.patch
I thought we had a kernel-doc maintainer these days?

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