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SubjectRe: 2.6.17-mm4

With the attached .config, the kernel reliably panics when someone
issues a 'sync' (or the kernel decides to write back its buffers):

reiser4 panicked cowardly: reiser4[sync(8465)]: commit_current_atom (fs/reiser4/txnmgr.c:1062)[zam-597]:
Kernel panic - not syncing: reiser4[sync(8465)]: commit_current_atom (fs/reiser4/txnmgr.c:1062)[zam-597]:

(this is all that is printed)

This happens only with Reiser4 and libata ata_piix driver; it does not
happen with Reiser4 and 'old' IDE piix driver. Other fs are also not
affected. I have no idea how to track this, I hope someone else does :)

Hardware is a pentium-m laptop with ICH4 pata.

Manuel Lauss

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