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    SubjectRe: strict isolation of net interfaces
    "Serge E. Hallyn" <> writes:

    > Quoting Eric W. Biederman (
    >> This whole debate on network devices show up in multiple network namespaces
    >> is just silly. The only reason for wanting that appears to be better
    > management.
    > A damned good reason.

    Better management is a good reason. But constructing the management in
    a way that hampers the implementation and confuses existing applications is
    a problem.

    Things are much easier if namespaces are completely independent.

    Among other things the semantics are clear and obvious.

    > Clearly we want the parent namespace to be able
    > to control what the child can do. So whatever interface a child gets,
    > the parent should be able to somehow address. Simple iptables rules
    > controlling traffic between it's own netdevice and the one it hands it's
    > children seem a good option.

    That or we setup the child and then drop CAP_NET_ADMIN.

    >> We have deeper issues like can we do a reasonable implementation without a
    >> network device showing up in multiple namespaces.
    > Isn't that the same issue?

    I guess I was thinking from the performance and cleanliness point of

    >> If we can get layer 2 level isolation working without measurable overhead
    >> with one namespace per device it may be worth revisiting things. Until
    >> then it is a side issue at best.
    > Ok, and in the meantime we can all use the network part of the bsdjail
    > lsm? :)

    If necessary. But mostly we concentrate on the fundamentals and figure
    out what it takes to take the level 2 stuff working.


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