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SubjectRe: Intel RAID Controller SRCU42X in SGI Altix 350
no i do not have kdb. and i cannot even boot the box now. is there any
way to disable the megaraid driver with an argument?

2006/6/30, Jesse Barnes <>:
> On Friday, June 30, 2006 5:07 am, Robert Nagy wrote:
> > I've tried that with two different cards. Now the error is different.
> > Even the firmware boots on the controller but then the machine resets.
> > Same thing happens if I load the EFI driver but that drops me to the
> > debugger. More info can be found at
> >
> > megaraid cmm: (Release Date: Mon Mar 7 00:01:03 EST 2005)
> > megaraid: (Release Date: Mon Apr 11 12:27:22 EST 2006)
> > megaraid: probe new device 0x1000:0x0407:0x8086:0x0532: bus 2:slot
> > 0:func 0 ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0002:02:00.0[A]: no GSI
> > megaraid mailbox: wait for FW to boot [ok]
> > Entered OS MCA handler. PSP=20000000fff21120 cpu=0 monarch=1
> > All OS MCA slaves have reached rendezvous
> This is what happens when you have PCI card in the bus next to your RAID
> card and run without my patch? Hm... this might be a regular driver
> bug. Interesting that this driver might do an msleep right after the
> [ok] is printed. Do you have kdb builtin to your kernel? If so, maybe
> you could get a backtrace. Otherwise you could put in some printk
> statements to see if we can figure out where the MCA is occuring...
> Jesse
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