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SubjectInterrupts disabled for too long in printk

I ran some experiments with my kernel tracer (LTTng :
that showed missing interrupts. I wrote a small paper to show how to use my
tracer to solve this kind of problem which I presented at the CE Linux Form
last April.

It shows that, when the serial console is activated, the following code disables
interrupts for up to 15ms. On a system configured with a 250HZ timer (each 4ms),
it means that 3 scheduler ticks are lost.

In the current git :

kernel/printk.c: release_console_sem()

for ( ; ; ) {
-----> spin_lock_irqsave(&logbuf_lock, flags);
wake_klogd |= log_start - log_end;
if (con_start == log_end)
break; /* Nothing to print */
_con_start = con_start;
_log_end = log_end;
con_start = log_end; /* Flush */
call_console_drivers(_con_start, _log_end);
-----> local_irq_restore(flags);

I guess interrupts are disabled for a good reason (to protect this spinlock for
being taken by a nested interrupt handler. One way I am thinking to fix this
problem would be to do a spin try lock and fail if it is already taken.


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