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SubjectRe: [PATCH] (Longhaul 1/5) PCI: Protect bus master DMA from Longhaul by rw semaphores
Rafał Bilski wrote:
>> It needs there to be no bus mastering occuring at the time
>> of a CPU speed transition. Though I'm unable to find the part that me
> ntions
>> this in the specs I have right now.
>> Dave
> "Once this is set, the processor will switch to the
> value in [26:23] on the next AUTOHALT transition. The duration of the A
> should be >=1ms to ensure the CPU's internal PLL is resynchronized. F
> or AUTOHALT, this means interrupts must be disabled except for the time ti
> ck, which should be reset to >=1ms. Care must be taken to avoid other sys
> tem events that could interfere with this operation. A few examples are
> snooping, NMI, INIT, SMI and FLUSH."
> For CPU's with Longhaul MSR this time is equal to 200us.

That really is a rather horrible design on their part. Who the hell at
VIA thought this was a good idea?

Robert Hancock Saskatoon, SK, Canada
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