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SubjectRe: [Patch][RFC] Disabling per-tgid stats on task exit in taskstats
Andrew Morton wrote:

>On Thu, 29 Jun 2006 15:10:31 -0400
>Shailabh Nagar <> wrote:
>>>I agree, and I'm viewing this as blocking the taskstats merge. Because if
>>>this _is_ a problem then it's a big one because fixing it will be
>>>intrusive, and might well involve userspace-visible changes.
>>First off, just a reminder that this is inherently a netlink flow
>>control issue...which was being exacerbated
>>earlier by taskstats decision to send per-tgid data (no longer the case).
>>But I'd like to know whats our target here ? How many messages per
>>second do we want to be able to be sent
>>and received without risking any loss of data ? Netlink will lose
>>messages at a high enough rate so the design point
>>will need to be known a bit.
>>For statistics type usage of the genetlink/netlink, I would have thought
>>that userspace, provided it is reliably informed
>>about the loss of data through ENOBUFS, could take measures to just
>>account for the missing data and carry on ?
>Could be so. But we need to understand how significant the impact of this
>will be in practice.
>We could find, once this is deployed is real production environments on
>large machines that the data loss is sufficiently common and sufficiently
>serious that the feature needs a lot of rework.
>Now there's always a risk of that sort of thing happening with all
>features, but it's usually not this evident so early in the development
>process. We need to get a better understanding of the risk before
>proceeding too far.

>And there's always a 100% reliable fix for this: throttling. Make the
>sender of the messages block until the consumer can catch up.
Is blocking exits an option ?

> In some
>situations, that is what people will want to be able to do. I suspect a
>good implementation would be to run a collection daemon on each CPU and
>make the delivery be cpu-local. That's sounding more like relayfs than
Yup...the per-cpu, high speed requirements are up relayfs' alley, unless
Jamal or netlink folks
are planning something (or can shed light on) how large flows can be
managed over netlink. I suspect
this discussion has happened before :-)

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