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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/20] Mount writer count and read-only bind mounts (v3)
On Tue, 27 Jun 2006 18:50:36 -0700
Dave Hansen <> wrote:

> > > Since the last revision, the locking in faccessat() and
> > > mnt_is_readonly() has been changed to fix a race which might have
> > > caused a false-negative mount-is-readonly return when faccessat()
> > > is called while another two processes are racing to make a mount
> > > readonly.
> > >
> > umm, what's it all for?
> Mostly for vserver, for now. They allow a filesystem to be r/w, but
> have r/o views into it. This is really handy so that every vserver can
> use a common install but still allow the administrator to update it.

OK. That makes it one of those features which stays in -mm until we work
out what we're going to do about containers/vserver/etc.

Unless there's something else which needs it?

This is all rather important info, you know. It should be presented
front-and-centre in [patch 0/N]. In detail...
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