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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/20] Mount writer count and read-only bind mounts (v3)
On Tue, 27 Jun 2006 15:14:36 -0700
Dave Hansen <> wrote:

> I think these are ready for -mm. They've gone through a few revisions
> and a week or two of normal burn-in testing.
> ---
> The following series implements read-only bind mounts. This feature
> allows a read-only view into a read-write filesystem. In the process
> of doing that, it also provides infrastructure for keeping track of
> the number of writers to any given mount. New in this version is that
> if that number is non-zero, remounts from r/w to r/o are not allowed.
> This set does not take the previously tried approach of pushing down
> the vfsmount structure deeply into call paths, such that it might be
> checked in functions like permission(), may_create() and may_open().
> Instead, it does checks near the entry points in the kernel, bumping
> a reference count in the vfsmount structure. I've also eliminated
> the use of the MNT_RDONLY flag. It was redundant since we have the
> reference count.
> This set also makes no attempt to keep the return codes for these
> r/o bind mounts the same as for a real r/o filesystem or device.
> It would require significantly more code and be quite a bit more
> invasive. Unless there is a very strong reason to do so, I believe
> it isn't worth the trouble.
> One note: the previous patches all worked this way:
> mount --bind -o ro /source /dest
> These patches have changed that behavior. It now requires two steps:
> mount --bind /source /dest
> mount -o remount,ro /dest

That seems a step backwards.

> Since the last revision, the locking in faccessat() and
> mnt_is_readonly() has been changed to fix a race which might have
> caused a false-negative mount-is-readonly return when faccessat()
> is called while another two processes are racing to make a mount
> readonly.
> Signed-off-by: Dave Hansen <>

umm, what's it all for?
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