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SubjectRe: GFS2 and DLM

* Nathan Scott <> wrote:

> > and since XFS makes use of KM_SLEEP in 130+ callsites, that means it
> > is in essence using GFP_NOFAIL massively!
> Their locations have been carefully audited and understood. The
> original issue here was IRIX being able to do a very good of
> preventing kernel memory allocation failures, which I suspect caused
> the original XFS guys to be fairly relaxed in their handling of memory
> allocation failures. Its caused us no end of pain with the Linux port,
> I assure you.

i know it's a hard problem, and i'm not suggesting at all that this is
easy to fix. Nevertheless there are 130 allocation callsites in XFS that
do implicit GFS_NOFAIL in essence, and 7 callsites in GFS2 that mention
__GFS_NOFAIL explicitly. Ext3 does __GFP_NOFAIL in its journalling code
too. Reiser too.

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