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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] Fix boot on efi 32 bit Machines [try #4]

On Mon, 26 Jun 2006, Edgar Hucek wrote:
> Fix EFI boot on 32 bit machines with PCI Express slots.
> Efi machines does not have an e820 memory map.

The EFI code really should fill in the e820 memory map instead fo making
up its own routines (and doing it badly at that).

There's nothing wrong with the e820 table, and we should consider it just
the "firmware memory map", and not care how it's filled in (whether it's
EFI or a real e820 BIOS call).

Quite frankly, right now I'm more likely to rip out the EFI code than
start adding even more (broken) support for it.

On the Intel Macs, upgrading the firmware turns it into a perfectly usable

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