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SubjectRe: CONFIG_PM_TRACE corrupts RTC

On Mon, 26 Jun 2006, Andrew Morton wrote:
> Oh, I thought it found some spare space in there somehow.

I really tried. The fact is, the RTC chips have at least 114 bytes of
NVRAM available in them, and most have more. Sadly, while from a hw
standpoint it's non-volatile, the firmware I was testing with cleared it
all (including the extended banks etc).

> Making it `default y' was a bit unfriendly. How's about `default n' and
> `depends on EMBEDDED'?

We can certainly make it 'default n', and perhaps hide it behind
EXPERIMENTAL (it's not really, but hey..). Not EMBEDDED, though, this is
literally meant to help random people who have a dead machine on suspend
be able to just turn this on, test suspend, and then when suspend causes a
dead machine, just turn off power and reboot immediately again, and it
will tell you which device was the last one to go through the resume

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