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SubjectRe: Measuring tools - top and interrupts

Yes you have to change the procps to read the new /proc/stat

For example, after separating the load and disk IO measurements, also
separating for per user at the kernel level, I had to introduce new code
into procps/ to reflect those changes

Otherwise those tools (top, uptime etc) would not know the new formats etc.

Sydney University

At 04:07 AM 6/24/2006 +0200, you wrote:
>On 2006.06.22 09:58:08 -0700, Danial Thom wrote:
> > And 75K pps may not be "much", but its still at
> > least 10% of what the system can handle, so it
> > should measure around a 10% load. 2.4 measures
> > about 12% load. So the only conclusion is that
> > load accounting is broken in 2.6.
>Are you by chance using procps < 3.1.12? The kernel reports absolute
>values for cpu usage, the conversion to percentage is done by top/vmstat
>itself. And those old versions don't know about the new fields that 2.6
>kernels have in /proc/stat, thus they simply ignore the si and hi
>values, producing quite misleading results...
>PS: procps 3.1.12 was released in 2003, so if DEC was stone age and my
>assumption about your tools holds, then your tools are like... medieval :)
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