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    SubjectRe: 2.6.17-mm1

    Andrew Morton wrote:
    > All 1738 patches:

    Is the following patch really needed ?


    The FLATMEM memory model assumes that memory is in one contigious area
    based at pfn 0. If we initialise node 0 to start at any other offset we
    will incorrectly map pfn's to the wrong struct page *. The key to the
    memory model is the contigious nature of the memory not the location of it.
    Relax the requirement for the area to start at 0.

    Should ARCH_PFN_OFFSET macro be used instead in order to make pfn/page
    convertions work when node 0 start offset do not start at 0 ?

    My physical memory start at 0x20000000. So node 0 starts at an offset
    different from 0. I setup ARCH_PFN_OFFSET this way

    #define ARCH_PFN_OFFSET (0x20000000 << PAGE_SHIFT)

    Until now (2.6.17), it works well, but this patch breaks my machine.

    If you need more details about my memory mapping, feel free to ask.


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