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    SubjectRe: bitmap loading related reiserfs changes in 2.6.17-mm1 are broken
    On 6/21/06, Andrew Morton <> wrote:
    > Yeah, sorry. I've uploaded the below to the hot-fixes directory - it
    > should repair things.

    FWIW, my main -mm testing system (with a reiserfs root filesystem)
    blows up during boot with 2.6.17-mm1 + the hotfix. I haven't tried
    plain 2.6.17-mm1 or 2.6.17-mm1 with the reiserfs patches reverted. The
    last kernel this system ran was 2.6.17-rc6-mm2, with lockdep disabled,
    with no problems whatsoever.

    Unfortunately I still haven't gotten around to adding a serial console
    to this box *and* I do not have access to my digital camera for
    approx. 2 weeks. I guess I'll try to add a serial console ASAP. This
    will probably take me a day or two however.
    -Barry K. Nathan <>
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