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    SubjectRe: gcc-4.1.1 and kernel-2.4.32
    On 21/06/06, Herbert Rosmanith <> wrote:
    > a notebook which had problems with our software: a
    > "toshiba portege m400". 2.4 seems to work so far, as does 2.6.16.
    > I also tried 2.6.17, but get a strange problem: it simply hangs
    > after writing "PCI: probing hardware" (or similar). A closer look
    > reveals that it hangs in drivers/pci/probe.c, in pci_read_bases. What's
    > exactly going on, I don't know...

    May I suggest that you write up a complete bug report for that
    regression (see the REPORTING-BUGS file for details) and send it to
    LKML + Cc: relevant people from MAINTAINERS ?

    Jesper Juhl <>
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