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    SubjectRe: gcc-4.1.1 and kernel-2.4.32
    >good day,
    >trying to compile 2.4.32 with gcc-4.1.1 (probably any 4.x gcc?) produces
    >a lot of errors, (i.e., declaration of symbols of different types and so on).
    >I wonder if it is planned to be fixed? No idea who's maintaining it -
    >in case you want to, I could send you diffs to make 2.4.32 compile.
    In effect (mainline) no. Linux 2.2 and 2.0 won't be fixed for the same
    reason; called deep maintenance. 2.6 has been on the road since Dec 2003,
    that's over 2 years. Do away with the old stuff.

    Jan Engelhardt
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