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SubjectRe: [discuss] Re: [RFC] Whitelist chipsets supporting MSI and check Hyper-transport capabilitiesKJ
 > NForce4 PCI Express is an unknown - we'll see how that works.

I have systems (HP DL145) with

PCI bridge: nVidia Corporation CK804 PCIE Bridge (rev a3)

and MSI-X works fine for me with Mellanox PCIe adapters (with no
quirks or anything -- the BIOS enables it by default):

$ grep MSI-X /proc/interrupts
66: 205792 0 0 0 PCI-MSI-X ib_mthca (comp)
74: 1 0 0 0 PCI-MSI-X ib_mthca (async)
82: 1343 0 0 0 PCI-MSI-X ib_mthca (cmd)

- R.
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