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SubjectRe: [RFC] New MMC driver model
Marcel Holtmann wrote:
>> The "interrupt pending" register also allows us to do a polled solution
>> for non-SDIO capable hosts. I'm unsure how to get a good balance between
>> latency and resource usage though.
> I think that polled solution is not really working out. Especially if
> you need some high speed transfers.

It probably won't give you any fantastic performance, but if the choice
is between crappy performance or none at all...

Also it would allow me to do some testing on my controller. Which brings
me to...

> My understanding of the current MMC core is rather limited and I think
> that I am not of any good help to get this started. However I have a
> couple of SDIO cards (various types) for testing and I am happy to test
> any patch you send around.

If you have any SDIO cards to spare, I'd really appreciate if I could
borrow one or two for testing.


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