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SubjectRe: OpenGL-based framebuffer concepts

> >> > 15) re-use as much of the X drivers as possible, otherwise it will KGI.
> >>
> >> I would broaden this to use the best code where ever it is found. Of
> >> course X is a major source.
> >
> >I'm not considering using knowledge from X drivers, I'm considering
> >using the X drivers, I don't personally care about things like X's
> >over use of typedefs and that sort of stuff, that is what I term
> >semantic, people who work on X drivers know X drivers, and writing the
> >drivers is the biggest part of any graphic systems.
> I have considered that option too. It is a good place for a quick
> start but it is not maintainable in the long run. The driver code has
> to be divorced from X and not require having the entire X system
> around to build a new driver.
> Have you checked the dependencies needed for loading X drivers?
> Modularization may have helped but loading an X driver used to
> effectively suck in the entire X server due to dependencies. Sucking
> in all of X is not fair to alternative windowing systems.

Why not? For now we can have something that works, and alternative
windowing systems can strip it down if they wish to.

> I do agree that this is a workable starting point but it can't be the
> long term solution.

Long term, someone is definitely going to clean up that userspace


(cesky, pictures)
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