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SubjectRe: 2.6.17-rc5-mm2
(Ingo, I got your e-mail too, and I will reply to it once I've
followed your instructions.)

On 6/1/06, Andrew Morton <> wrote:
> Damn, sorry. LLC is completely borked. You should emphatically set

Just one problem with that...

config ATALK
tristate "Appletalk protocol support"
select LLC

This box runs netatalk for both file and print service, but I could
temporarily disable it for testing... Ok, the kernel's up and running
w/o CONFIG_LLC and CONFIG_ATALK now, and the warning still happened at
boot time, but it has stayed up for over an hour without keeling over
with a panic.

It looks like netatalk was fixed at some point so that it can do AFP
over TCP without the presence of a running atalkd, so unless I buy a
really old used Mac, I shouldn't need CONFIG_ATALK for the file server
anymore. Also, to make a *long* story short, I also should be able to
get rid of the print server in a few weeks. I'll still need to
occasionally boot back into a CONFIG_ATALK kernel to use the print
server until then, but I should be able to run an ATALK-less kernel
for days at a time (i.e. when the print server is not in use)...
-Barry K. Nathan <>
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