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SubjectRe: batched write
Nix wrote:

>On 17 Jun 2006, Hans Reiser prattled cheerily:
>>If the FS is called per page, then it turns out that 3) costs more than
>>1) and 2) for sophisticated filesystems. As we develop fancier and
>>fancier plugins this will just get more and more true. It decreases CPU
>>usage by 2x to use per sys_write calls into reiser4 rather than per page
>>calls into reiser4.
>This seems to me to be something that FUSE filesystems might well like,
>too: I know one I'm working on would like to know the real size of the
>original write request (so that it can optimize layout appropriately
>for things frequently written in large chunks; the assumption being that
>if it's written in large chunks it's likely to be read in large chunks
Hi Nix,

Forgive myn utter ignorance of fuse, but does it currently context
switch to user space for every 4k written through VFS?
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