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    SubjectRe: Network performance degradation from to

    Jesper Dangaard Brouer wrote:
    >>> Harry Edmon <> wrote:
    >>>> I have a system with a strange network performance degradation from
    >>>> to most recent kernels including and
    >>>> 2.6.17-rc6. The system is has Dual single core Xeons with
    >>>> hyperthreading on.
    > <cut>
    > Hi Harry
    > Can you check which "high-res timesource" you are using?
    > In the kernel log look for:
    > kernel: Using tsc for high-res timesource
    > kernel: Using pmtmr for high-res timesource
    > I have experinced some network performance degradation when using the
    > "pmtmr" timesource, on a Opteron AMD system. It seems that the
    > default timesource change between 2.6.15 to 2.6.16.
    > If you use "pmtmr" try to reboot with kernel option "clock=tsc".
    > On my Opteron AMD system i normally can route 400 kpps, but with
    > timesource "pmtmr" i could only route around 83 kpps. (I found the
    > timer to be the issue by using oprofile).
    We have CONFIG_HPET_TIMER=y, so we do not see these messages.

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