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SubjectRe: x86_64: x86-64 mailing lists / posting patchkits / x86-64 releases

> >From the below, a lot of the problems I'm having to fix are simply x86
> build/link/depmod breakage.

It's unfortunate - my testing is definitely focussed on x86-64, but
often the same problem(s) exist in i386 too and of course it has
to be changed there too.

> So more careful build checking on x86-32 would
> improve things quite a lot.

I'm already doing it a bit, but one problem is that i386 has a lot
more build variants than x86-64. I'll try to do better.

BTW I've been actually considering to reduce the variants a bit - e.g. I think
it doesn't make sense anymore to allow x86 kernels without APIC support
(it can be still disabled at runtime with default set by a config).

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