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SubjectRe: emergency or init=/bin/sh mode and terminal signals
Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Wakko Warner, le Sun 18 Jun 2006 18:39:06 -0400, a ?crit :
> > why not only set this if the shell is /bin/sh ?
> Because you can't know that. /bin/sh is one example of shell, /bin/ash
> is another /usr/bin/myprog is yet another...

I realized that before I sent the email. /bin/sh is guaranteed (usually) to
be there. I myself prefer zsh, but when I'm booting with init=, it's always
/bin/sh (unless I'm testing something else). Of course, that's just me.
The one time I did use init=/bin/zsh, it failed to function properly (forgot
the details), but booting with /bin/sh and exec zsh worked fine.

Is there any (non-embedded) linux systems out there that do not have
/bin/sh ? On the boot cd I built, there is no /bin/sh but there is a
/bin/init (shell script with #! busybox ash at the top)

Anyway, it's a thought. Or you could only enable it if the init= is not
init (Any other inits?)

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