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    SubjectRe: emergency or init=/bin/sh mode and terminal signals
    Samuel Thibault wrote:
    > Hi,
    > There's a long-standing issue in init=/bin/sh mode: pressing control-C
    > doesn't send a SIGINT to programs running on the console. The incurred
    > typical pitfall is if one runs ping without a -c option... no way to
    > stop it!
    > This is because no session is set up by the kernel, and shells don't
    > start sessions on their own, so that no session (hence no controlling
    > tty) is set up.
    > The attached patch sets such session and controlling tty up, which fixes
    > the issue. The unfortunate effect is that init might be killed if one
    > presses control-C very fast after its start.

    Interesting idea, especially for a boot cd I built.

    However, why not only set this if the shell is /bin/sh ?

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