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SubjectRe: Bug: XFS internal error XFS_WANT_CORRUPTED_RETURN
> How about:
> SunVTS software
Requires Solaris, which I presume those who run linux on it, have removed
it :)

> The SunVTS software executes multiple diagnostic hardware tests from a
> single user interface, and is used to verify the configuration and
> functionality of most hardware controllers and devices. The SunVTS software
> operates primarily from a graphical user interface, enabling test parameters
> to be set quickly and easily while a diagnostic test operation is being
> performed.
> The pmemtest checks the physical memory of the system and reports hard and
> soft error correction code (ECC) errors, memory read errors, and addressing
> problems. The pseudo driver mem is used to read the physical memory.

Does not sound very promising :(

Jan Engelhardt
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