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SubjectRe: squashfs size in statfs
>> > Yes, because CRAM does it that way, and maybe zisofs does it too:
>> Zisofs doesn't (H. Peter Anvin should know as he wrote it :-) ).
>> Statfs should return the size of the filesystem, not the amount of
>> data the filesystem represents. In this respect the behaviour of
>> Squashfs and Zisofs is correct.
>> This is analogous to performing stat on a gzipped file. The stat
>> returns the size of the compressed file, not the uncompressed size.
> A better analogy is it is like statting a sparse file on, say, an ext3
> filesystem. stat (ls -s) and statfs report the amount of storage consumed.
Too bad. Would have been a good indicator of how much space you need to
copy an entire disc to disk, rather than running and waiting for du -s to

So cramfs would need fixing.

Jan Engelhardt
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