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SubjectWhat's in git.git
It's been a while since I've done v1.4.0, and I haven't fully
caught up with the list traffic yet, but here is the current

I'm planning to manage the v1.4.X series a bit differently
during this round. So far, they were supposed to be fix-only on
top of v1.4.0, but people who follow the maintenance series
(including the binary packages) missed out on too many good
stuff that happen on the "master" branch. Also presses like tended to cover the maint series which gets stale pretty

So I'll first merge only post-1.4.0 fixes and additions to the
"master" branch until we are comfortable with its shape, tag it
as 1.4.1, and continue. Essentially, "next" and "pu" will
become the playpens (the first being "not proven but fixable"
changes, the latter being "under consideration, but will not be
missed if dropped" changes) their names originally implied, and
"master" will be what "maint" was supposed to be -- fixes and
good changes. The old fixes-only maintenance on "maint" branch
will be halted for now -- except maybe when some urgent fixes
are needed, I might do 1.4.X.Y like the kernel folks do.

* The 'master' branch has these since v1.4.0

Dennis Stosberg:
Make t4101-apply-nonl bring along its patches

Eric W. Biederman:
Don't parse any headers in the real body of an email message.

Eric Wong:
git-svn: t0000: add -f flag to checkout
git-svn: fix handling of filenames with embedded '@'
git-svn: eol_cp corner-case fixes
git-svn: restore original LC_ALL setting (or unset) for commit
git-svn: don't allow commit if svn tree is not current
git-svn: support -C<num> passing to git-diff-tree
git-svn: --branch-all-refs / -B support
git-svn: optimize --branch and --branch-all-ref
git-svn: support manually placed initial trees from fetch
git-svn: Move all git-svn-related paths into $GIT_DIR/svn
git-svn: minor cleanups, extra error-checking
git-svn: add --repack and --repack-flags= options
git-svn: add --shared and --template= options to pass to init-db
git-svn: add some functionality to better support branches in svn
git-svn: add UTF-8 message test
git-svn: add 'log' command, a facsimile of basic `svn log'
git-svn: add support for Perl SVN::* libraries
git-svn: make the $GIT_DIR/svn/*/revs directory obsolete
git-svn: avoid creating some small files
git-svn: fix several small bugs, enable branch optimization
git-svn: Eliminate temp file usage in libsvn_get_file()
git-svn: bugfix and optimize the 'log' command
git-svn: tests no longer fail if LC_ALL is not a UTF-8 locale
git-svn: svn (command-line) 1.0.x compatibility
git-svn: rebuild convenience and bugfixes

Florian Forster:
gitweb: Adding a `blame' interface.
gitweb: Make the `blame' interface in gitweb optional.

Fredrik Kuivinen:
blame: Add --time to produce raw timestamps

Jakub Narebski:
Update gitweb README: gitweb is now included with git

Junio C Hamano:
gitk: rereadrefs needs listrefs
fix git alias
t5100: mailinfo and mailsplit tests.
mailinfo: ignore blanks after in-body headers.

Linus Torvalds:
gitweb.cgi history not shown

Martin Langhoff:
cvsimport: ignore CVSPS_NO_BRANCH and impossible branches
cvsimport: complete the cvsps run before starting the import
cvsimport: keep one index per branch during import

Peter Eriksen:
Implement safe_strncpy() as strlcpy() and use it more.

Sean Estabrooks:
Add a "--notags" option for git-p4import.

Sven Verdoolaege:
git-cvsexportcommit.perl: fix typo

* The 'next' branch, in addition, has these.

Johannes Schindelin:
diff options: add --color

I would say this would be fine as is -- diff being quite
important part of the system, I just wanted to cook it for a

Junio C Hamano:
read-tree: --prefix=<path>/ option.
write-tree: --prefix=<path>
read-tree: reorganize bind_merge code.

I'll have them graduate to "master" soon, as they do not seem
to hurt anybody.

fetch-pack: give up after getting too many "ack continue"

Maybe merge to "master" and see what it breaks.

shared repository: optionally allow reading to "others".

This should be ready. I just want to do another round of

Paul Eggert:
date.c: improve guess between timezone offset and year.

This is more for the entertainment value than for practical
value ;-).

* The 'pu' branch, in addition, has these.

Johannes Schindelin:
Read configuration also from ~/.gitconfig
repo-config: learn the flag "--no-local"

I see Pasky has proposed another config change (this time,
not "also from" but "alternatively from") -- I am not sure
which one is more appropriate. Waiting for Johannes's
response to Pasky's message and hoping the list can agree on
a single patch series to apply to "next".

Teach diff about -b and -w flags

Yakov Lerner:
auto-detect changed prefix and/or changed build flags

I think this is fine, except that test-prefix-change target
is probably unneeded as Martin noticed.

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