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Subject[ANNOUNCE] Cogito-0.17.3

cogito-0.17.3 was just released - bugfixes release on the latest
stable line of the Cogito user-friendly Git user interface.

Plenty of new stuff, mostly bugfixes - especially cg-admin-rewritehist
was particularily bug-ridden and Git 1.4.0 broke some backwards
compatibility, Cogito 0.17.3 should work smoothly with it again.

So, what's new?

* Many cg-admin-rewritehist bugfixes; note that -r semantics was
changed to match documentation, -k steps in to mean what -r used
to in practice
* Some documentation fixes
* Adjust to some Git 1.4.0 usage changes and new-style git-http-push
* Several other random things

Who did what:

Bertrand Jacquin:
Push over HTTP now works with refs/heads/foo instead of foo

Dennis Stosberg:
cg-clean fails on files beginning with a dash

Johannes Sixt:
cg-admin-rewritehist: Seed the commit map with the parents specified with -r
Enhance the rewritemap seeding when given symbolic commit ids
cg-admin-rewritehist: fix reappearing files with --filter-tree
cg-admin-rewritehist: Add the documented but missing --msg-filter option.
cg-admin-rewritehist: Must use the parent of the start rev to seed the map.
cg-admin-rewritehist: Support multiple parents of the start revision (-r).
cg-admin-rewritehist: Support partial rewriting of complicated history.

Jonas Fonseca:
ciabot: fix post-update hook description
Portfile: bring it up to date; use description from
Minor doc fixes
Fix section slicing so help options are not misplaced in cg-commit(1)

Martin Langhoff:
cg-status -- disambiguate parameters to git-diff-files

Pavel Roskin:
Fix cg-status with recent git versions
[PATCH 1/2] Fix cg-patch hanging on terminals with TOSTOP flag
[PATCH 2/2] Improve the tutorial script

Petr Baudis:
mkdir -p .git/info since git-init-db won't always create it
Separate git-diff-* file arguments by --
Export the $PATH we've set
Use local Cogito version when running the tutorial script
Fix cg-rm -r in a subdirectory
Do not export relpath - fixes cg-add -r in a subdir
Fix output of cg-status path with path given w/o trailing slash
cg-status: do not strip subdirs given in path specifier
Make cg-rm -r subdir fix actually safe
Fix broken tree timewarp with late git versions
Use tail -n +2 inst. of tail +2
Make testcases take input from /dev/null
Fix cg-tag calls changed by the backported update
Fix cg-admin-rewritehist -r
Indentation fix
cg-admin-rewritehist: Die in case of invalid revisions

Yann Dirson:
[PATCH 2/2] Catch history inconsistency in cg-admin-rewritehist
Fix cg-object-id to lookup parents in the Right Way
[PATCH 1/3] cg-admin-rewritehist: catch git-rev-list returning no commit

P.S.: See us at #git @ FreeNode!

Happy hacking,

Petr "Pasky the lousy poet" Baudis
Of the 3 great composers Mozart tells us what it's like to be human,
Beethoven tells us what it's like to be Beethoven and Bach tells us
what it's like to be the universe. -- Douglas Adams
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