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SubjectRe: VGER does gradual SPF activation (FAQ matter)
Keith Owens wrote:
> "jdow" (on Mon, 12 Jun 2006 16:03:46 -0700) wrote:
> >Greylist those who have not subscribed. Let their email server try
> >again in 30 minutes. For those who are not subscribed it should not
> >matter if their message is delayed 30 minutes. And so far spammers
> >never try again.
> Not true. I greylist and my recent logs show a pattern of spam code
> that tries 5 times at exactly 5 minute intervals, before finally giving
> up. Other spam code tries two or three times at one hour intervals.
> All designed by spammers to bypass greylist systems.

I have yet to setup any greylisting for any of my systems yet, but I would
greylist, and if they came back an hour later and was in blacklists, I
wouldn't allow it. This is one thing greylisting can do for you, defer it
until they are in blacklists.

Of course all rules need to be weighed for the server they are placed on. I
would do the above on my domain since I'm the only user, I might not on big

I have noticed spam from zombies that were not in RBLs when it came in and 5
minutes later, they are in RBLs.

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