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SubjectRe: Can't Mount CF-Card on boot of 2.6.15 Kernel on EPIA - VFS: Cannot open root device
>> ------------------------- [ BEGIN Cxxxxxx ] -------------------------
>> DEFAULT standard
>> LABEL standard
>> KERNEL vmlinuz
>> # APPEND initrd=initrd ramdisk_size=32768 root=/dev/hde1 udev acpi=off
>> rootdelay=5
>> APPEND initrd=initrd ramdisk_size=32768 root=2101 udev acpi=off
>> rootdelay=5
>> ------------------------- [ END Cxxxxxx ] -------------------------
>> so the right root-string is: "root=2101".
> Ok, the solution for *this problem* seems to be to write "root=2101".
> But why can't I write "root=/dev/hde1" as in kernel 2.4.25?
> Is this a kernel bug?
> Or have I done an error somewhere?

Let me take a wild guess: By using /proc/.../real_root_dev, you make the
kernel try to locate "/dev/hde1" (to find out major/minor number) on the
device you wrote in real_root_dev, rather than (the default) make it look
for /dev/hde1 in the initrd image.

Jan Engelhardt
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