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SubjectRe: 2.6.17: networking bug??
Mark Lord wrote:
> Further to this, the current behaviour is badly unpredictable.
> A machine could be working perfectly, not (noticeably) affected
> by this bug. And then the user adds another stick of RAM to it.

This "bug" already existed in 2.6.16 to a certain extent: you were
losing out on a lot of TCP performance. Go back to 2.6.7, measure TCP
performance, and you'll probably find it was significantly better.

Also, there aren't that many broken end-points out there. loads fine for me and does not ignore the window scale

The problem in your case is a broken router in the middle. I had the
same problem: certain sites would not load, but there is absolutely
nothing wrong with the servers that run these sites:

I contacted my ISP and informed them of the issue. They fixed it
nationwide within a few weeks. You might try confirming that your
problem only applies to HTTP like mine did (ISP runs some lame
transparent webcaches), and it was a bug in the software there (NetApp).

We already had the "some routers are broken, should we do anything"
discussion back at the time of 2.6.8:


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