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SubjectRe: New VID/PID combos for airprime driver and WWAN support
Greg KH wrote:
> You can just send me patches with the new device ids, in the format
> described in Documentation/SubmittingPatches, and that will get the new
> devices supported properly.
> I also have a few questions as to the speed of the current driver (it
> sucks). I have a patch that was posted to the linux-usb-devel mailing
> list to improve this, but it's only working for about half of the users.
> Are there differences with the different airprime devices that we should
> be aware of?
> Anything else that you feel that would help make the driver better would
> be greatly appreciated.

Details on how to get to get stuff like signal strength (while
connected), text messaging, and so on would be nice. I presume they're
available through the other two USB endpoints somehow...

But good basic data throughput is the priority, of course.

(MC5720 user)
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