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Subject[Winbond] flash memory reader SCSI device drivers

Dear all:
We first posted this message to linux-scsi list but it seems no one is
monitoring that list at this moment. We tried twice but didn't get any
reply yet. So, we decided to post it again here. If this is not the
right place, could someone lead us to the right one? Thank you.

We would like to contribute our flash memory device drivers to Linux
community and would like to post to a public list for review first.

Since our drivers are implemented using SCSI subsystem so that our
driver sources should go to ./drivers/scsi. If possible, can we create a
subdirectory in ./drivers/scsi named "winbond" because we have drivers
for SD/MMC/MS/MSPRO/xD/SM for various Winbond chips. It might be easier
for us to maintain our own subdirectory.

This is the first we send this request to this mailing list and we are
not sure this is the right way to do. If any of you is interested in
reviewing our sources for Memory Stick driver for Winbond w518 chip,
please let me know so that we can post our sources.

thank you,


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