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SubjectTesting the Performance of the Linux kernel 2.4.19
Dear Friends,
Robin Holt,

I have changed the linux 2.4.19 kernel by few lines.

This has been done as part of a large research project in grid computing.

Normal Linux kernel samples the runnable queue and calculate the load
average as a whole number

I have changed that to calculate load average separately for each login user.
Apart from that there is a new /proc/loadavgus file created to record this

Now I want to do some performance tests and show that this change did not
have any bad implications on the performance of the kernel.

In fact after the changes we have been using the system very effectively
yet it is good if I can show that it is still in compliance with the

(1) Someone has suggested to run the tests that are context switching
heavy, like re-aim7, lmbench.

(2) Also I can run some software tasks and show that there is no change of
performance of the tasks before and after the change.

I would be keen to ask for your advice on planning few performance tests.

Sena Seneviratne
Computer Engineering Lab
School of Electrical and Information Engineering
Sydney University

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