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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] usb: new driver for Cypress CY7C63xxx mirco controllers
On Út 13-06-06 23:30:24, Oliver Bock wrote:
> Hi Pavel,
> > > Hm, the chipset family is just called like that and there're at least
> > > three other Cypress related drivers (cypress, cypress_m8 and cytherm)
> > > with generic names. I think this name shows clearly what kind of device
> > > it supports, doesn't it?
> >
> > cypress_63 might be unique and still easier to pronounce?
> Hm, what about something related to the vendor "AK Modul-Bus Computer GmbH"?
> I think my driver might (!) only work for their firmware implementations...
> cypress_akmb
> cypress_akmodbus
> cypress_akmodulbus
> The third would be my favourite. Are there any length restrictions for
> driver/files names? Is it a problem to use parts of company names
> for this

No length limit; cypress_akmodulbus is quite long, but probably okay.

> > (You have it at few more places).
> I changed it. I had the rule "only tabs for indentation" on my mind and tried
> to choose the closest ;-) Now I first use tabs followed by spaces for
> fine-tuning (if needed).
> What about the macro discussion?
> If there's any convention I'm happy to follow it...

I'd prefer to do it using functions... it should be feasible. Only
repeated code will be function calls with different arguments.

(cesky, pictures)
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