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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] usb: new driver for Cypress CY7C63xxx mirco controllers

> > BTW could we get come better name for the driver? cy7c63 looks like
> > password of very paranoid sysadmin.
> Hm, the chipset family is just called like that and there're at least three
> other Cypress related drivers (cypress, cypress_m8 and cytherm) with generic
> names. I think this name shows clearly what kind of device it supports,
> doesn't it?

cypress_63 might be unique and still easier to pronounce?

> Apart from that there are again other drivers (ark3116.c, cp2101.c) which do
> it the same way, and I assumed that this might be some sort of naming
> convention...

Well, at least it is not ark2a116.c :-).

> > > + /* let the user know what node this device is now attached to */
> > > + dev_info(&interface->dev,
> > > + "Cypress CY7C63xxx device now attached\n");
> >
> > In cases like this we aling " one character to the right.
> You mean the whole string (line) one character to the right, correct?

Yes. It should be


(You have it at few more places).
(cesky, pictures)
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