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SubjectUse of spinlock after free with CFQ scheduler

While developing a block device driver, we stumbled upon the kernel
panic reported at
According to the mail and your answer, it seems that the CFQ scheduler
uses the queue lock after blk_cleanup_queue(). At this time, the
spinlock might have been freed. I can confirm that the bug doesn't
appear with other I/O schedulers.

However, the proposed fix for "ub" looks quite strange to me. It uses
a static array of spinlocks, so that they remain in memory after
blk_cleanup_queue(). However, "ub" can be compiled as a module, so I
don't see what prevent the use of the queue spinlocks by the CFQ
scheduler once the module has been unloaded. I do not understand how the
provided patch correctly fixes the bug.

The bug was reported on a pre-2.6.15 kernel, but we're still seeing
this bug with a 2.6.16 FedoraCore-hacked kernel.

To me, the bug seems to be in the CFQ scheduler itself, isn't it ?
Maybe we should use the internal queue lock (by passing NULL as the
lock parameter to the blk_init_queue() call), and then modify the CFQ
scheduler so that it correctly increments/decrements the queue->refcnt ?

What do you think about it ?


Thomas Petazzoni -
http://{thomas,sos,kos} -
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