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    SubjectRe: [RFC] Light weight event counters (V2) instead of page state
    On Tue, 13 Jun 2006, Martin Peschke wrote:

    > Did you consider using the statistics infrastructure available in -mm?
    > (lib/statistic.c, include/linux/statistic.h, Documentation/statistics.txt)

    No its not in Linus tree and has even more overhead than the existing
    counters since it always checks if a certain counters is on or off and it
    also does indirect calls to an update function.

    It does not use local_t at all and takes an smp_processor_id() parameter
    to various functions which makes the future use of cpu_local_* functions
    not possible (should that implementation get fixed).

    > To me that looks like a good application for the statistics infrastructure,
    > which shows statistics through debugfs instead of procfs. Btw., it completely
    > unburdens exploiting kernel code from the delivery of statistics to users.

    The light weight counter implementation here provides the output of
    /proc/vmstat. That is a fixed interface.

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