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SubjectRe: VGER does gradual SPF activation (FAQ matter)
On Tue, 2006-06-13 at 09:28 -0400, Horst von Brand wrote
> > >> Greylist those who have not subscribed.
> > > That is not easy to do.
> > Somebody needs to write the code to make it easy to do for a list
> > server. It should not be hard to do.
> Great! Show us how. I'd be delighted to use it here.

For me, it would be three lines of extra code in my Exim configuration
and a cron job to extract the subscriber lists into a text file which
Exim can read -- and the latter is just because I haven't bothered to
check whether Exim could read the mailman database directly.

Once I ditch mailman and switch to something like exilist, Exim _will_
be able to get at those lists directly, so it'll be even simpler.

Given a config like my existing one at
all you have to do to trigger greylisting for a particular 'offence' is
to add to the $acl_m0 variable when your check for it is triggered.

Whenever that variable is non-empty, the mail is considered for
greylisting by the snippet of ACL code which I've put in its own file at and which gets
called from the post-DATA ACL after the SpamAssassin stuff (which also
triggers greylisting, at low scores).

(Hm, I _really_ should pull my finger out and switch from my original
hackish implementation to the sqlite version which Jeff sent me --
acl-greylist-sqlite in the same directory.)

All I'd need would be a cron job which sticks a file for each list
somewhere, say /foo/bar/subscribers/, with the filename being the full
(user@domain) name of the list, and the file being just a plain text
list of addresses, one per line.

Then I'd add three lines to the Exim configuration, in the RCPT ACL:

warn recipients = dsearch;/foo/bar/subscribers
!senders = lsearch;/foo/bar/subscribers/$local_part@$domain
set acl_m0 = Post to $local_part list by non-subscriber.

Entirely untested... but certainly not particularly hard.


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