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    SubjectRe: 2.6.17-rc6-rt3

    * Sébastien Dugué <> wrote:

    > > I think all of the regressions reported against rt1 are fixed, please
    > > re-report if any of them is still unfixed.
    > Great, boots fine on my dual Xeon and solves the ping problem I was
    > having.
    > Thomas, any hint at what was going on?

    the problem was caused by a mismerge of the __raise_softirq_irqoff()
    changes of preempt-softirqs. In PREEMPT_SOFTIRQS, softirq activation
    means a wakeup of the softirq thread - hence __raise_softirq_irqoff()
    must wake up the softirq thead too. This didnt happen in -rt1 so the
    network softirq (which processes things like ping reply packets) got
    delayed to the natural softirq event - the next timer interrupt in the
    usual case. Hence depending on HZ you got a delay of 1-4-10 msecs
    (divided into two parts).

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