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SubjectRe: Can't Mount CF-Card on boot of 2.6.15 Kernel on EPIA - VFS: Cannot open root device

Am 12.06.2006 um 20:04 schrieb Jan Engelhardt:

>> Hi,
>> I use an EPIA MII6000E motherboard with CF-Card as hard-drive.
>> Since this device can't boot from CF-Card I boot from network via
>> Works fine for kernel 2.4.25.
>> Now I want to change to kernel
>> I boot an initrd, execute "linuxrc" and at this point I can mount
>> the CF-Card
>> as "hde1", inspect the file-system, ...
> Is the proper IDE driver loaded, are you sure the drive is still at
> hde1
> with 2.6?

Hmm proper IDE driver...
1) I can mount the CF-Card "by hand" and inspect the filesystem. And
it looks good. I can use the file-system in "near single-user-mode".
2) In my "linuxrc" I do the following to load the modules:
------------------------- [ BEGIN linuxrc ] -------------------------
PCIC="ide_cs yenta_socket pcmcia_core pcmcia rsrc_nonstatic"
for Module in $PCIC
modprobe $Module
if [ "$DEBUG" != "" ] ; then
/bin/sh < /dev/console
------------------------- [ END linuxrc ] -------------------------
Is this indication enough, that I use the proper IDE driver?

Has the driver (I think "ide_cs"?) which seems to work from the
initial RAM-disk to be loaded again before the kernel mounts the root-
Thanx for any explaination.

>> VFS: Cannot open root device "hde1" or unknown-block(0,0)
>> ^^^
> Lack of driver. If there was a driver, you would see a non-0,0
> number at
> least.


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