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SubjectRe: [SPARSEMEM] confusing uses of SPARSEM_EXTREME (try #2)
Hi Andy

2006/6/12, Andy Whitcroft <>:
> In my mind the positive option is selecting for code supporting EXTREME
> so it seems to make sense to use that option.

well I find it confusing because in my mind, something like this seems
more logical.

static struct mem_section *sparse_index_alloc(int nid)
return alloc_bootmem_node(...);
static struct mem_section *sparse_index_alloc(int nid)
/* nothing to do here, since it has been statically allocated */
return 0;

This code only deals with section allocation and the way it's achieved
depends only if the section array has been statically allocated.
There's nothing related on the two-level lookups here, is there ?

And use SPARSEMEM_EXTREME when it deals only with two-level lookups:

#define SECTIONS_PER_ROOT (PAGE_SIZE / sizeof (struct mem_section))

> Perhaps the confusion
> comes from a lack of comments there to say that the else case is STATIC.

nope but maybe a comment to explain why i386 use SPARSEMEM_STATIC
option could be useful. At least for someone who is not working on
this arch...

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