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Subject[PATCH 2.6.17-rc6 0/9] Kernel memory leak detector 0.7
This is a new version (0.7) of the kernel memory leak detector. See
the Documentation/kmemleak.txt file for a more detailed
description. The patches are downloadable from (the bundled patch or
the series):

What's new in this version:

- different configuration options added for tweaking kmemleak
- reduced the length of time running with interrupts disabled (the
interrupts are now only disabled for individual memory block
scanning rather than for the whole memory)
- fixed bug in the memleak_seq_* functions (pointer structure accessed
after freeing)
- more false positives ignored

To do:

- more testing
- more investigation into the task stacks scanning
- NUMA support
- (support for ioremap tracking)

Many thanks to Michal Piotrowski for stress-testing kmemleak and
reporting various issues.

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