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SubjectRe: 2.6.18 -mm merge plans
> ecryptfs-crypto-functions.patch
> ecryptfs-debug-functions.patch
> ecryptfs-alpha-build-fix.patch
> ecryptfs-convert-assert-to-bug_on.patch
> ecryptfs-remove-unnecessary-null-checks.patch
> ecryptfs-rewrite-ecryptfs_fsync.patch
> ecryptfs-overhaul-file-locking.patch
> Christoph has half-reviewed this and all the issues arising from that
> have, I believe, been addressed. With the exception of the "we should
> have a generic stacking layer" issue. Which is true. Michael's take is
> "yes, but that's not my job". Which also is true.

It's far from ready. There's various things that simply can't be done
properly in a lowlevel fs or abosulutely shouldn't. And I think a few
uniqueue gems in there. Most urgent thing of course is that we somehow
need to deal with the idiocy of the nameidata passed into most namespace

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